Turkish Candle Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish candle, Turkey candle manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality candle from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

CITY GLASS        Mısır     Hazem Beshr    
s ashtray, bowel, candle, cups, drink glass, glass, goblets, hi ball, hotel glass, stem ware, stemware, tableware, tumblers, vase
s candle, gas and liquid fuels, ignition systems, lighter, production control boards, thermocouple
HEBEI TY TRADING COMPANY        Çin     Jessica Wang    
s candle, package, handicraft, box, jewelry
GUL MUM        Türkiye     Gül Mum Gül mum    
s candle, candles, scented candle, scented candles, tealight candle, tealight candles, wax candle, wax candles, wedding candle, wedding candles
s petroleum products, petrochemicals, chemicals, hydraulic system oil, lubricants, boron oil, electro erosion oil, coaster oil, liquid wax, weaving oil, harvest oil, heat transfer oil, cogwheel oil, cleaners, paraffin, paraffin wax, candle, textile chemicals, textile paraffin
s cardboard packing, cardboard packaging, cardboard cups, paper cups, striped patterned cups, product logo cups, cardboard plates, plastic plates, product logo special printing plates, toothpicks, wooden toothpicks, jar of toothpicks, special printing toothpicks, cellophane toothpicks, pipettes, packaged pipettes, pipettes with bellows, special printing pipettes, colored pipettes, candles, economic candles, log candles, candlestick candles, colored candles, scented candles, cleaning products, wet wipes, candle, aluminium foil, cotton buds, plastic stirrer, naphthalene, refrigerator bag, lime remover, transparent gloves, toothpick, wooden toothpick, sink openers, pie capsules, cake molds, special printing capsules, colored pastry capsules, tea and coffee stirrers, coffee stirrers, plastic stirrers, oval-rectangular square stirrers, fireproof oven bags, multi-purpose glove, cap caps, locked freezer bags, hygienic toothpick, wooden fork, toothpick with papers, iced drink pipette, crystal cups, vending cups, plastic forks, pipette with papers, bellows pipette with papers, flake naphthalene, tablets naphthalene, cardboard cup, striped patterned cup, product logo cup, cardboard plate, pipette, economic candle, colored pipette, paper cup types, stretch film, plastic plate, paper cup
AKDEN TEKSTIL TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Taner SAYAN    
s duvets, pillows, towels, home textiles, bedroom textiles, bathroom textiles, kitchen textiles, baby textiles, toppers, protectors, pillow cases, sheets, bedlinens, bedspreads, throws, blankets, duvet, pillow, towel, home textile, bedroom textile, bathroom textile, kitchen textile, baby textile, topper, protector, pillow case, sheet, bedlinen, bedspread, throw, blanket, bath towels, hammam towels, robes, bathrobes, bath mats, bathroom accessories, slippers, kitchen towels, table linens, candle, bathrobe, hammam towel, mirrors, bath mat, table cloth, kitchen towel, table linen, kitchen accessories, table cloths, candles, mirror, photo frames, diffuser, room sprays, bath towel, room spray, diffusers, lights, bathroom accessory, kitchen accessory, baby pillows, baby bathrobes, baby bathrobe, photo frame, decorative accessories, slipper, light, robe, baby robes, baby robe, baby pillow, decorative accessory, nursery sets, baby girl nursery sets, baby boy nursery sets, baby bedspreads, baby throws, baby girl bathrobes, baby boy bathrobes, baby girl robes, baby boy robes, baby duvets, nursery set, baby girl nursery set, baby boy nursery set, baby bedspread, baby throw, baby girl bathrobe, baby boy bathrobe, baby girl robe, baby boy robe, baby duvet
OYKUM ITHALAT        Türkiye     Oykum Ithalat    
s lighting, electric, led, bulb, chandelier, ied bulb, fluorescent, export, turkey, light, aydinlatma, led floresan, floresan, indoor outdoor lighting, 9w, 12w, 18w, candle
PORLAND PORSELEN A.S.        Türkiye     Samet SÖZBİR    
s kitchen equipments, kitchenware, cooking utensils, cooking pot, cooking pots, cookware, cookwares, cookware set, cookware sets, pan, pans, teapot sets, teapot, teapots, teapot set, oven tray, cake molds, cake mold, tray, trays, cooking supplies, cooking equipment, bread baskets, chopping board, spice containers, storage box, storage boxes, tea filters, thermos, beverage preparation products, pastry equipment, bakery supplies, home decoration products, flower pots, flower pot, picture frame, candle, giftware, mat, candle holder, magnet, home decoration, stainless steel kitchenware, vase, fork, glass, plate, decorative products, tissue paper, mugs, candlestick, table clock, decorative materials, wet wipes pocket type, stainless steel tableware, decorative boxes, trinket, baby apron, granite pan, service supplies, granite pot, home decoration materials
MIRZAEI PETROL A.S.        Türkiye     Hossein MIRZAEI    
s renewable energy, aviation, automotive, food, energy production, tourism, leather industry, transportation, sports equipment, paint, computer, tent, durable consumption, pine, heating cooling and natural gas systems, elevator, spice nuts, security systems, light sound systems, beverage, construction materials, live animal, beauty salons and cosmetics, shoe, printing press and paper, agricultural products, textile, cleaning services, medical instruments, mining, construction, candle, oil, home textile, hardwares, stationery, gifts, jewelry, furniture manufacturing, cultivated mushroom, plastic and rubber, advertising and organization, hotel restaurants and entertainment places, carpet kilim, insulation and insulation materials, radio and television, construction related laboratory works, yarn and ginning plants, silversmithing
s glass, glasswares, acrylic, amber, bar, bars, barware, beaker, beverage, blue, bottle, bowls, boxes, bubble, burette, candle, catering, champagne, cocktail, coffee, colored, colorful, coloured, commercial, company, container, cool, crockery, crystal, cup, cups, custom, customizable, cut, cutlery, cylinder, decorative, glassware, kitchenware
ARZ JEOLOJI HIZMET MUHENDISLIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     info@sanatmum.com.tr +905326845419    
s candle, decorative candle, scented, scented candle, handmade, handmade candle, decorative, paraffin
SENTURK PLASTIK        Türkiye     Tolga Yanık    
s flower pot, plastic flower pot, candle, candle holder
CICI MUM        Türkiye     Derya Yellidağ    
s candle, special, day, days, special days, wedding, birthday, party, birthday party, graduation, restaurant, hotel, street, arden, yard, fire, home, house, design, garnish, hotel, restaurant
CHINATEALIGHTS FACTORY        Çin     Lily Li    
s tealight candle, tealight candles, candle, candles, tealight, tealights
UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS        Brezilya     Fabiano Zeilmann    
s agriculture, gun, security, eletronic, lamp, candle, raw material
HBT LTD.        Türkiye     Halidun Tan    
s candles, candle, hand made candles, hand made candle, decorative candles, decorative candle, hand made decorative candles, hand made decorative candle
s scented candle, scented candles, candle, candles, mandarin scented candle, lemon scented candle, vanilin scented candle, fruit scented candles, strawberry scented candle, tea scented candles, green apple scented candle, apple scented candle
BANDI IC VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s gift, home accessories, home decoration product, decorative product, willow tree, trinket, candle, vase
ETK MIMARLIK PROJE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Egemen Temizkalay    
s candle, home decoration, home design, candles, hotel design, home accessorisse