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ACP International Trade & Consulting Ltd. Co. was established in 2002 as a general trade company that supplies products and provides services to its local and international customers. Aside from its trade activity, ACP, also works to provide assistance and consulting service to the local companies that are interested to start exporting their products internationally. In this framework we assist by conducting market research and thus determining the suitable presentation, sales and/or sales network points and strategies for our customers products. As a complimentary benefit to our International customers we also provide liason office services to assist in their procurement and logistics needs, as well as for developing their business activities in Turkey. Last but not least we also procure and supply products for the United Nations and other Non-Governmental Organisations. We hope that our commercial and consulting services will coordinate to develop effective solutions.
Turkish Shoe Exporting Company. Designer Kids' Sneakers, Sandals, Boots, Flats, Dress Shoes & More. For babies, toddlers, little kids and big kids. A Turkish shoe design brand; not just making good shoes, but making the best shoes for children as they grow, develop and learn to explore the world around them. It’s a philosophy that drives us to continually improve everything we do, in our design, in our craft, in our understanding of foot health and in every other part of our business.
Since the foundation of our company there has been only one target; it is to create a manufacturer which has no difference between from the ones in developed countries and has the same opportunities. Our manufacturers are in number one position in the world with its hardworking. However they always have old technologies. The reason of it is that the new technology is imported to our country with very high prices. There is a big market in our country. In this market the foreign companies market their products very expensive. However our industry, manufacturing quality and technology in our country can manufacture this new technology with high grade, there is no deficiency for this. As CELIKKALELI LTD. STI. our only goal is to manufacture competitive technology with our 100% engineer, our technical staff and scientists. Today we have almost seized this goal. We will export products with our technological know-how combining with 30 year experience to developed countries. We will succeed this with hardworking, enduring and smart manufacturers sharing a common fate. For this we have an endless faith. Today we are able to manufacture the same products which so called world's giant companies manufacture, but we will do better. Our target is to succeed the best technological manufacturing in the world and to present these products first to Turkish villagers and manufacturers then to villagers and manufacturers in the world. Because of that we are working work non-stop and will.
Mercan Pazarlama LTD STI holds a leading role in the printing industry since 2006. The base of the company is in Istanbul and with strong partnerships in the European, the Balkan as well as the Asian market. The company is well known in Greece in printing and promotional gifts. In 2015, there was a drastic growth with a big investment move which created a new production department for diaries, agendas and notebooks. In 2017, the greek diaries were presented and sales exceeded all expectations. This was the outcome of our competitive balance between price and quality. We specialize in:  Daily Dairies with thermoleather (PU), cotton textile, eco and italian silk cover.  Diaries for Pharmacies (pocket size).  Notebooks with thermoleather (PU), cotton textile, eco and italian silk cover.  Custom orders at special specifications (custom printing) Extra business gifts:  Car Fresheners  Μousepads - Glass mats  Pens - Key chains - usb sticks/cards  Tshirts - Jockey hats  Hand wipes  Luxury bags  Business cards simple - special effects – plastic  Flyers  Magnets - Stickers  Catalogs - Magazines  Blocks  Envelops - Folders The large variety and uniqueness of our products, combined with our low pricing, makes us proud coworkers for our clients, professionals in graphic arts. Every order you give will remind you that you will support 100% Turkish capital, Turkish workers and social responsibility projects.
FMCG TRADE FOOD LTD.STI has 15 years of experience in snack, cake, biscuit, chocolate and wafer categories. On the base of this experience In 2018 established the Company, supply sweets every day with our partners in new destinations. The Company defines the expectations of all business partners with its experience in regional sales channels and prepares and sells market-specific products in harmony with long and global perspectives. Together with our business partners, we always go one step further to provide innovative products and services while providing an inspiring and satisfying working environment. NUKKA brand continues to be a source of happiness by taking its place on the shelves in regional markets. With our beliefs and perseverance, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand by minimizing decision-making and implementation processes with innovative thinking, innovative approach with faster and young dynamic staff. Thanks to its wide range of products and regional experience, it offers high-quality products to its valued business partners with products suitable for value chains in the markets of the countries to which it exports, while profitability and service quality differentiates business partners. Production processes by fulfilling all legal regulations and other obligations from raw material procurement to final consumer shelves and attaches importance to total quality management without compromising quality standards by keeping consumer health above all else.
Poltan Global Textiles was founded by the four partners Orsan Tan, Serdar Polater, Korhan Tahsin Tan and Levent Polater in 2012. Poltan Global Textiles is a company which has successfully grown and reached its aims over the years especially with their main production line of socks and underwear. More recently after a growing demand from clients house shoes/slippers have also been added to the production portfolio. Poltan is very proud to own very high standards in their products as well as customer service resulting in 100% of Business coming in from exports. We have reached 30 countries with our business and working hard to grow each day by developing new products and business models with our solid team. Our service continues at a high standard even after the exchange of business by working closely together with our clients to ensure their standards have been met.
We are proud of being involved in the Turkish bicycle industry with the production techniques, knowledge and experience we have developed over the years in the field of aluminum production. KOREL Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. In 1988, with the aim of producing aluminum materials for the white goods industry, the aim was to increase the variety of materials and production capacity over the years. 20.000 tons of aluminum material is produced annually for domestic and foreign white goods and automotive supplier industry which are producing in the field of heating and cooling. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., which transforms crude aluminum material into its own casting and pipe factories, In 2015, a new investment decision has been taken for the manufacture of aluminum bicycles and all aluminum parts used in the bicycle industry with local possibilities. It was decided that the bike would be offered to CORELLI brand and the aluminum bicycle, parts and other equipments to the bicycle market of Turkey with DACRON brand. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, which can produce its own aluminum scorecard with its own possibilities. Aluminum material production knowledge and experience in the field of bicycle production will also be the pioneer of innovation in the bicycle industry. Our bicycle factory with 8.000 m2 closed and 3.000 m2 open area has aluminum welding department, T6 oven department, dye house, assembly line, label application line and staff test laboratory for staff production. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Þ. Our aim is to produce with zero mistake and to reach the bicycle user from every income group the comfort and lightness of bicycles produced with aluminum staff. As we enter the 2018 sales period, we are pleased to present a completely new product range in terms of product range and technical specifications in parallel with the developments in the world bicycle industry. KOREL ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. A. S.
Marzenexport is situated among the central manufacturers in Turkey and manufacturing appropriate tractor spare parts to European quality standards. Our company which continuously follows the technological developments with its educated personnel and modern machinery park, adopts the principle of production in accordance with international standards and provides customer delight with its quality and sustainability. MarzenExport is able to meet the production demands in the boutique area by adhering to the principle of customer focus additively to the standard products. Since the day it was founded, our company has not compromised its success in sales and after sales support services in domestic and foreign markets.
SSB GLOBAL has been founded in 2014, Istanbul in order to offer the best foreign trade service to its clients all over the world. Main aim of SSB GLOBAL company is to provide efficient service to all needs of its clients in terms of their import and export inquiries. Each of the world’s major trading regions has its own unique requirements. There is efficiency in working with SSB GLOBAL, a single trusted advisor, who can handle all your compliance needs in the global arena. SSB GLOBAL team came together after a 15 years of experience in foreign trade sector. Our talented staff is made up of experienced import/export specialists. As such, we work with you to make market research, to assess for the quality requested, to visit the customers, to organize the fair exhibitions and all kind of business meetings, and to implement solutions that are both creative and effective for your business. We have worked with more than 200 companies in over 50 countries with countless deliveries through our referenced partners. SSB GLOBAL visited many customers and joined fairs in Germany, UAE, China, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania,Cyprus etc.We supply our service in two ways :Firstly, providing consultancy to the companies who is willing to export their products to all over the world. We present market research and explore the target market. We assess the research and find the appropriate customers. Our main aim is to built the bridge between consulted manufacturers and target market customers. In addition to market research, to reach the exact target market, we exhibit and/or visit sectoral fairs. Following the connection of the suppliers and customers, in step of orders, SSB GLOBAL also gives all kind of support and service for dispatching the orders. All services related to documentation, organisation and transportation is under our duty.Secondly, Providing consultancy to the companies who is willing to import goods from Turkey and are in need of sourcing service for their countries. We try to find to the point manufacturers and suppliers for our clients’ needs. Regarding to this service, we organise shipment and documention of these deliveries as well.As a result, our aim is to give an A-Z service to our clients both for import/export and foreign trade issues.
Nilhan sultan brand establishes businesses that will remind the tradition and culture of the Ottoman grandeur again and produces products in this context. Cosmetics, Turkish delight, perfume, essential oil, porcelain, Turkish coffee, cologne, room fragrance, natural soap, tea, products are produced.